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Located at the Flagstaff Hill Tennis Club, Coromandel Parade - Flagstaff Hill, Power Tennis Academy is run by Head Coach Daniel Larcombe. 
A fully qualified professional tennis coach with 16 years of Club and private coaching, Daniel has utilised his knowledge to coach beginner players through to elite training squads of state ranked juniors.


Daniel has put together a team of qualified coaches to assist all players in achieving their personal tennis goals.

Power Tennis Academy bases its coaching on technique, movement, fitness and enjoyment.

Developing a sound technique is of high importance to allow you or your child to reach your full potential.

Once the technique is sound the player needs to be able to move quickly and effortlessly to get themselves in the correct position to maximise the use of their technique.

Fitness is important not only to be fit and healthy but also to allow the player to perform at a high level throughout each match.

A player has to be enjoying the sport or activity they are participating in so we strive to keep our players motivated and enjoying their tennis.

We have developed a curriculum to guide players from the beginning of their tennis journey through to becoming competitive tennis players.  We believe there are a few fundamentals that need to mastered at each level before progressing to the next. It is our belief this is the best way for players to reach their full potential. 

Based out of the Flagstaff Hill Tennis Club Daniel and his team are ready to help you on your tennis journey.



Head Coach

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Tennis Professional

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